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Hypermodern Cloudformation Part 4

Functional Testing

Testing templates e2e in multiple regions.

Hypermodern Cloudformation Part 3

Unit Testing

Testing without deploying to AWS using Cloud-Radar.

Hypermodern Cloudformation Part 2

Static Code Analysis

Linting Cloudformation templates with cfn-lint and cfn-nag.

Hypermodern Cloudformation

Getting Started

This series shows the latest in tooling for AWS Cloudformation at each step in the Templates lifecycle. Here in part 1, we will set up an example repository and configure some prerequisites.

Creating Reusable IAM Polcies

With the release of Terraform AWS Provider 3.28.0 the aws_iam_policy_document now supports the merging of other aws_iam_policy_documents via it’s new arguments source_json and source_policy_documents. Let us take a look at two common scenarios I often run into and how this new feature can help.